2nd day of Agnishtomam

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Program held on 2nd day of Agnishtomam

In the morning, 2nd day programs started with the isthi named Prayaneeya where Ruthwijas offered offerings in the name of “Adithi’ and “Maruth’. Then the preparation for a type of a play called  “somakraya” (the purchasing of somalatha) held. After purchasing of somalatha all Yaga participants entered the Yagashala with the Procession ceremony. Then an isthi called “Athithyesthi” performed in the name of somalatha as a honoured guest (Atithi). Later,for “pravargyas” a preparation called “Pravargya sambharam” was held. Then (Poorvanha) morning “pravargya” followed by “Upasad isthi” and “Subrahmanya avahan” was concluded. 2nd day program were concluded by performing  “Aparanha pravargya”  followed by “Upasad isthi” and “Subrahmanya avahan”.

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